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The following documents are normally required: FIRE

  1. Claim form duly filled in and signed by your good office and concerned bank.
  2. Fire brigade report in original.
  3. Daily stock report for 90 (ninety) days up to the date of incident duly counter signed by the concerned bank.
  4. Monthly stock statement duly countersigned by the concerned bank.
  5. Photocopy of stock register for last six months up to the date of the incident.
  6. Photocopy of tally book for six months up to the date of incident of affected godown.
  7. Copy of purchase documents/Invoices related with the affected/loss/damaged stock of Jute.
  8. Copy of challan and bill in case of local purchase.
  9. Copy of Fire License.
  10. Copy of trade license.
  11. Permission/Allotment letter from PDB/REB regarding power sources, in case of self Generator certificate from Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC).
  12. Periodic test report of the electricity by competent authority.
  13. Copy of Logbook related to operating generator.
  14. Statement of:-
    1. Factory In-charge
    2. Electrical Engineer
    3. Godown Keeper.
    4. Guard of godown and person engaged on duty at the time of incident attested by the appropriate authority.
  15. Copy of G.D. Entry
  16. Photocopy of related insurance policy/policies of other insurance company(s).
  17. Layout plan of the entire mill and godown.


The following documents are normally required: MARINE

  1. Claim Intimation letter.
  2. Original policy duly endorsed by putting the signature & seal by the insured in its back page.
  • Original Invoice/Commercial Invoice
  1. Original Packing list.
  2. Original Bill of Lading.
  3. Certificate of origin.
  • Original Joint Survey Report held at the Port of discharge. (If any)
  • Claim bill 3 (Three) copies.
  1. Whether joint survey held with the carrier & port authority and any claim lodged with the carrier&/or port authority &/or liable party, if not lodged claim with the carrier/liable party immediately with intimation to us.
  2. Information:
  3. i) Date of arrival of the Vessel/Truck/Air at the port of discharge.
  4. ii) Date of discharge of goods from the Vessel /Truck/Air.             
  5. iii)  Condition of goods at the time of discharge from the Vessel/Truck/Air.
  1. iv) Date of discharge/delivery of goods from the port.
  2. v) Condition of goods at the time of discharge/delivery from the port.


The following documents are normally required: MOTOR

  1. Claim intimation letter.
  2. Attached claim form duly filled-in and signed & sealed by you and concerned bank.
  3. Copy of GD Entry duly sealed & signed by the concerned PS.
  4. 3 (Three) Estimates from different reputed Motor Workshop/Garage.
  5. Driver’s written statement as to the cause of accident duly counter-signed by the Insured.
  6. Photocopy of the Certificate of Registration.
  7. Photo-copy of Tax Token, Fitness Certificate, Route Permit.
  8. Motor vehicle inspector report (MVI Report).
  9. Photocopy of Driver’s License duly attested by the issuing authority (BRTA).
  10. Original challan of the carrying goods at the time of accident.




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